The Story of Mines

The Mining Village of Montevecchio is amministrated by Municipalities of Arbus and Guspini and is located in the middle of a forest with a terrain rich of minerals exploited by men since the Romans time.

The Mines of Montevecchio have been one of the richest and most innovative companies in The Kingdom of Italy, in fact the name Montevecchio is joined to various Machines used all across Europe designed by the best engineer in XIX Century.

Surroundings of Montevecchio

The Mining Villagge of Montevecchio is surrounded by lush woods which offer respite from the summer heat and allows to discover the territory walking down its various hiking.

A few kilometers from the Sea of the Costa Verde,  the Mining Village of Montevecchio is a good choice for its proximity with the towns of Arbus and Guspini, a must see in this wild and fascinating territory.

Montevecchio has been one of the 21 European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). Throughout the year Montevecchio counts many events and festivals of handicrafts and local productions like the Honey Festival, Arresojas, Fair of Sardinian Knives, Birras, where you can taste local craft beers. The Mining Villagge of Montevecchio has a rare cultural importance with the possibility to visit the palace of the Mine Management, the mine tunnel called Anglosarda that means British-Sardinian, the Dioramas Museum, the Mineral Exhibition and the Sanna Castoldi collection, donated by the heirs of Giovanni Antonio Sanna and Alberto Castoldi, his son in law, to the Municipality of Arbus.